OAA Video Channel: Documentary Movies

Rob Stewart’s latest film Revolution is available online VOD.
The Vimeo platform provides versatile options for independent filmmakers to share and also commercialise their work.

Our OAA “Channels” are always evolving as an organised collection of curated Ocean related videos and full-length films – all in one easy destination.

Genres presented range from content suitable for children to issue based content for discerning viewers.

Other content to be added over time includes downloadable images and other resources for educational uses.

“ Words alone can’t do justice to the magic and beauty of underwater worlds..”
– David Hannan

See Bonus Extra videos from Kim Toft’s new Book Coral Sea Dreaming coming out 2017:


Find out more about The Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel:


“Knowing is the key to caring, and care for the ocean is at the heart of the urgent message to everyone, everywhere.” – Sylvia Earle

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