About OAA Video Channels

Above: Featuring videos created by OAA and Development Partners, our experimental “web video app” combines both YouTube and Vimeo playlists in a single window. Try it on your SmartTV, portable device or your computer. Watch full-screen by clicking in the bottom right-hand corner once the video starts. Press Esc to quit.

Our “web app” is currently also available  for easy ‘bookmarking’ here: www.oceanarkalliance.org.au/video-channels/video-player/

Above: Kim Toft paints the cover of her new book Coral Sea Dreaming in 2 minutes !


Coming Out 2017

See more short videos
from Kim Toft’s book
inspired by
Coral Sea Dreaming here:


About OAA Video Channels

The Ocean Ark Alliance are committed to supporting, promoting and sponsoring marine education and conservation projects worldwide. Videos are made available as part of OAA educational outreach activities. Other envisaged content to be added over time will include more videos for Kids, downloadable images and other resources for educational use.


OAA Social Media Video Channels

Some videos for outreach created by OAA and Development Partners.




Example “Virtual Ocean Aquarium Channel”


Documentary Movies

Longer, “premium” feature length programs and documentaries such as Coral Sea Dreaming, Antarctica Dreaming, and others by OAA Partners, are currently available for FREE preview here:


To access premium programs and materials we’ll be asking you to “sign up” and register an account here:

http://oaa.oceanarkalliance.org.au/my-account/edit-account/  — Click this link and Register (all we need is an Email address & Password)

Checkout also our current VOD portals on the Vimeo platform here:




Samples of footage available for selected non-commercial video projects are viewable here: footage.oceanarkalliance.org.au

Samples of footage available for commercial licensing are viewable here: footage.planktonproductions.com.au

“Knowing is the key to caring, and care for the ocean is at the heart of the urgent message to everyone, everywhere.”
— Sylvia Earle, Underwater Explorer

More about OAA Video Channels

We believe that literally life-times of OAA partners skill, dedication, experience and understanding of our oceans – and the lives that depend on them (including our own) – are worth the effort of creating and presenting these materials to a wider audience.

These pages are evolving towards our ‘membership / subscription based’ “Ocean Channel” using e-commerce systems and platforms.  If you feel inspired or compelled, OAA will accept “Donations” to help fund our ongoing activities.