Roger Steene’s long-awaited Colours of the Reef is now available!

World renowned undersea photographer Roger Steene has published a new 3-volume, 1404-page book set containing 6921 of his finest photographs, taken during a career spanning 50 years and thousands of dives in some of the most remote ocean environments on earth. Colours of the Reef – weighing in at 12 kilograms – is an indispensible educational reference for divers, ocean scientists and naturalists, and a visual feast for readers of all ages.

roger_re31_smallerRoger Steene is widely recognised as one of the finest marine photographers on earth, and Colours of the Reef – his 13th publication on marine environments – is the culmination of his life’s work. Steene got his first underwater camera in 1964, and since then has forged a reputation for perfectionism in the art of close-up marine photography. Colours of the Reef is a large-format coffee-table-style book set that is both a comprehensive educational resource and a formidable collection of oceanic imagery. Its sheer scope and coverage of every imaginable type of marine creature places it in a category of its own.

With worldwide focus on the fragile state of the Great Barrier Reef and other threatened marine ecosystems, Colours of the Reef could not have arrived at a better time. While celebrating the spectacular sea life that still exists, it is also a timely reminder of the vivid natural beauty that is rapidly being lost throughout the world’s oceans.

“Every imaginable form of tropical marine life and a lot more in vivid, living colour “

Colours of the Reef  contains nearly 7000 outstanding photographs of marine life and ocean environments, and excels on several levels: as a demonstration of consummate, perfectionist photographic skills, as an essential educational reference on marine life, as an intriguing look at the behaviours and interactions of some the planet’s most mesmerising creatures, and as a joyous celebration of the ocean’s beauty. It is both painstakingly comprehensive and visually enthralling. If you buy just one coffee table book set in your lifetime, let it be this one – it has no equal. A portion of each sale is used to fund the Roger Steene Legacy initiative, an ongoing project aimed at completing the digital scanning and indexing of Roger’s vast slide collection (over 100,000 photos) – a priceless natural heritage resource of global significance acquired over five decades and thousands of dives.


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Ocean Ark Alliance has just received the very first copies of Colours of the Reef, and purchases for delivery in Australia can be ordered here:

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Colours of the Reef  at a glance:

  • 6921 stunning photographs
  • 1404 pages spread over 3 separate volumes
  • Epic scope and comprehensive coverage of species
  • Includes over 150 photos of species unrecorded by science
  • Total weight 12 kilograms
  • The culmination of a master photographer’s life’s work
  • Large, attractive coffee book-style format
  • Superb reference for divers, scientists, naturalists and students
  • Photographed over 50 years and thousands of dives
  • Handy photo identification and easy-to-navigate layout
  • Special chapters on marine adaptations and behaviours
  • Stunning section on bioluminescent marine organisms
  • Insights into the techniques of a master photographer
  • Informative, easy to read text (minimal scientific jargon)
  • Every imaginable form of marine life in vivid, living colour

About the Author


Roger Steene was born in Cairns, Australia, and has been an avid diver and underwater photographer since the 1960s. An Associate of the Australian Museum in Sydney and the Western Australian Museum in Perth, he is regarded as one of the most accomplished underwater still photographers on earth, and he has published and contributed to numerous field guides and large-format books on marine life since the 1970s. Because he normally accompanies some of the world’s leading scientists on major expeditions to remote ocean realms, he has acquired a deeper knowledge of marine life than most undersea photographers. This breadth of experience – combined with a meticulous quest for photographic perfection – leads to spectacular shots exhibiting a vivid, magical quality.

Roger’s stunning, one-of-a-kind photo library constitutes a potential component of OAA’s Global Educational Endowments an extensive collection of media, educational resources and scientific data that Ocean Ark Alliance offers license-free to organisations and individuals involved in scientific research, marine education and conservation (for non-profit uses and applications).

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