Corals Of The World Legacy

The Ocean Ark Alliance is committed to coral reef conservation, education and science. The Corals of the World Legacy is an initiative dedicated to supporting the online hosting, maintenance and updating of Dr. J.E. Veron’s Corals of the World (COTW) project when it is completed.


Map shows location of the Coral Triangle where mega-diverse reefs with over 550 coral species extend from the Philippines to the Solomon Islands (from Veron et al. Coral Geographic).

COTW Legacy is also committed to funding new expeditions to do baseline surveys of unmapped reefs in globally significant areas and ongoing baseline monitoring of reefs already surveyed. New information will be periodically updated into the COTW Coral ID and Coral Geographic databases, making COTW the most important online global coral reference in the world.

Ocean Ark Alliance field teams have identified the critical need for a baseline survey of reefs in the globally significant area of Milne Bay in the Coral Triangle. This is essential to help preserve the unprecedented biodiversity of this region. The aim is to develop an information base comparable to that of the Great Barrier Reef. Only when this is completed will it be possible to develop management strategies that can preserve the region for future generations.

COTW Screenshot 2014 02COTW Screenshot 2014 01


Corals of the World – originally a monumental print publication in 3 volumes based on authoritative work by Dr J.E.N ‘Charlie’ Veron & Dr Mary Stafford-Smith … online soon


Reticulate Evolution – Over time ‘species’ individuate & diverge only to converge & merge again … all from within the same gene pool .. The result, over widely different spatial scales, is a continuous tangle of species, sub-species and ‘hybrids’…