Online Footage Resource

The rise of social media platforms, especially the use of video, alongside traditional media are these days increasingly part of our digital world, our ‘connected community’.

Below 1 min clips serve both as ‘showreels’ of HD material available as commercial stock footage via Plankton Productions, Agency Partners, through the OAA David Hannan Media Legacy and also as immediate sources for shortform video projects, particularly for use in the social media space. Many more clips are in progress.

The clips are encoded at a data-rate of around 2.8mbits/s in HD 720P and will look great over modest internet connections.

Currently Vimeo is being used as a platform to showcase clips here:

The clips can be used ‘as is’ – please enquire about downloading – or for more ambitious productions, please enquire about longer compilations or other formats.

For more information on this initiative contact: