New Coral Sea Dreaming Book & Ocean Channel

Taking the beloved Coral Sea Dreaming brand into the 21st century and beyond, Ocean Ark Alliance is proud to announce the launch of Coral Sea Dreaming – the Picture Book and with it the official launch of the Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel.

Sponsored and hosted by Ocean Ark Alliance, this unique book and channel initiative is the result of four years collaboration between multi-award winning children’s book author and illustrator Kim Michelle Toft and Emmy-award winning marine cinematographer and producer David Hannan.

Inspired by the original film Coral Sea Dreaming  released in 1992, the 32-page hardcover Picture Book retells the story of the coral reef focusing on favourite characters such as the manta ray, octopus, nudibranchs and moray eel, with a target audience of primary school children aged 2 to 9.

Kim Michelle Toft captures their stories in vivid colours on silk canvas, accompanied by poetic text. There’s an additional six pages of more scientific fact file information, making the book a valuable educational resource for parents and teachers alike.

But it’s the multimedia juggernaut behind the book that makes this project a true winner for the digital savvy younger generation.

Each book purchase comes with access to the Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel, an online interactive channel hosting a vast multi-media resource about coral reefs.

As well as live video sequences of each of the book’s characters, and free access to the original film Coral Sea Dreaming, the channel offers free viewing of multi-award winning documentaries, and access to a vast array of additional education resources.

Coral Sea Dreaming – The Picture Book is now available to purchase online from the Coral Sea Dreaming Shop or a vendor near you.