Global Education Endowments

The Vision

Human beings are facing huge environmental challenges relating to the marine world in a now rapidly changing biosphere. There is an urgent need to promote and support the conservation of existing marine life and healthy oceanic habitats and to repair damaged ones.

Educational outreach has never been so important if we are to have any hope of achieving these goals and, in response, countless people and organizations all around the world are now networking, collaborating, and sharing media and information using new and exciting online communications infrastructures and technology.

Ocean Ark Alliance’s (OAA) mission is to contribute to these processes and to support all those involved in marine education, conservation, management and research with cutting edge, well organized, open-source marine science and media assets it has aggregated together under its umbrella.

These resources are being offered as Global Educational Endowments and currently consist of globally and regionally significant natural history and reference media (collections of photographic stills and video) and scientific reference data.

The Ocean Ark Alliance’s Global Educational Endowments project is an ever-expanding ‘living legacy’ initiative with new contributors and existing Development Partners constantly adding new media and science assets into the overall collection.

The OAA is now offering its unique marine related science and media assets to selected Education Systems including primary, secondary and tertiary schools and institutions, Public Museums and Aquariums, NGO’s and entities involved in marine conservation, management, education and research. A prototype “Online Footage Resource” has been established here.

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Above: OnePlusOne ABC TV Australia, 26 July 2013 – “Reluctant Conservationist” David Hannan speaks with Sarah Clarke about Life, Art, Coral Reefs, Filming Fish, and Everything.

Contributing Collections Include:


David Hannan Media Legacy
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Corals of the World Legacy – Based on the authoritative work Corals of the World by Dr J.E.N ‘Charlie’ Veron & Dr Mary Stafford-Smith.
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Roger Steene

Roger Steene Photography Collection
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