Ocean Ark Alliance in the USA

Oceans cover over 70 % of the surface of our planet and contain 97% of all the water on Earth. Ocean currents transfer heat energy around the world and drive global climate and weather systems. Oceans provide the largest habitable spaces on the planet harboring the greatest biodiversity, the most bio-mass and main sources of oxygen in the atmosphere.

All Life on Earth is in some way connected to the Oceans.

Growing awareness of oceans and issues motivates an increasingly inter-connected community of like-minded people and groups. As an organization with global reach, Ocean Ark Alliance is now represented in many locations around the world.

OAA is currently formalising an official branch in the USA.

Dr Marc Y Burdick

He is currently a practicing board certified emergency physician in the greater Seattle area where he lives with his wife and young family. When he is away from Seattle’s hospital emergency rooms, Marc serves the medical profession as expedition physician onboard ships voyaging to the remotest parts of the world.

With the spirit of an explorer, Marc’s adventurous journeys to the Polar Regions and Papua New Guinea led him to meet and befriend David Hannan and Dr. J.E.N. ‘Charlie’ Veron. Sharing their vision and love of the oceans, Dr. Marc Y Burdick became one of the founders of Ocean Ark Alliance and is currently building the USA based branch.

Marc proudly represents OAA’s major initiatives:

David Hannan’s Media Legacy

One of the world’s largest independent tropical marine video footage archives on HD.
See more information here: www.oceanarkalliance.org.au/david-hannan-media-legacy/

Dr. Veron’s Corals Of The World (COTW) Initiative

The most significant coral reef information resource in the world.
See also more information here: www.oceanarkalliance.org.au/corals-of-the-world-legacy/

Medical Outreach

Nearly half of the worlds human population lives within 100 km (60 miles) of a coast. The OAA believes that, in order to truly be able to focus on the environmental challenges facing the oceans, the basic economic, educational and medical needs of coastal communities must be addressed.

Dr. Marc Y Burdick is well cast as the organizations’ Director of Medical Outreach, an initiative dear to his heart. He is key to the OAA’s plans to integrate its ocean field team expeditions with the provision of health and education services to isolated coastal communities.


Marc Burdick surveys Gentoo Bay, Antarctic Peninsula

Dr Marc Y Burdick and Dr Charlie Veron, PNG 2011

Dr Marc Y Burdick and Dr John ‘Charlie’ Veron, PNG

David Hannan, Marc Y Burdick, ‘Charlie’ Veron, PNG

Dr Marc Y Burdick
Director USA Partnerships / Medical Outreach
Ocean Ark Alliance USA

email: info@oceanarkalliance.org