Moreton Bay: A Natural Wonder

Seen from Space, Moreton Bay shines like a jewel reflecting many shades of blue, a natural marine wonderland.  Aboriginal Australians of the ‘Land Sea Country’ call it “Quandamooka”.

Many people from all walks of life celebrate Moreton Bay’s astonishing bio-diversity. Naturalists and scientists describe the bay as a transitional area where tropical, sub‐tropical and temperate marine species co‐exist, resulting in distinctive habitat and wildlife communities. It encompasses unique subtropical reefs, seagrass, mangroves and a Ramsar wetland. The region supports large numbers of shorebirds, green turtles, hawksbill turtles and loggerhead turtles and many other plants and animals. It is documented as one of the most important habitats in Queensland for dugong.


Meanwhile South-east Queensland’s rapidly expanding population puts increasing pressure on Moreton Bay through more pollution, more boat traffic and more coastal development.

To enable a closer look at Moreton Bay’s values and the issues, Ocean Ark Alliance has initiated a new online resource collating lots of already public information here: