Australian PM given wake-up: book explains Ocean Acidification threat

Uni of Queensland Vice-Chancellor Paul Greenfield hands PM Julia Gillard a wake-up call: her fresh-off-the-press copy of Coral Reefs and Climate Change. This new book, as explained on their press release …demystifies the science surrounding coral reefs and climate change… aimed at anyone wishing to explore the natural wonder and beauty of coral reefs.

Gillard was at Brisbane’s Customs House on July 23 to deliver her stance on climate change, a speech infamous for its vocal demonstrators and the security-tackled environmental activist, Bradley Smith.

As we wade into the depths of the election campaign the current Labor Government has offered us very little in decisive leadership on the environmental front. Its two major contributions, the Citizen’s Assembly – delivered at this very appearance – and the so-called ”cash for clunkers”  proposal (which will divert funds from the current solar energy program) together side-line and trivialise assertive action.

What about the Liberals? As Ian Verrender from The Age says;

Apart from differing on tax policy, both the ALP and the Coalition are identical in their muddle-headedness. In what should be dubbed the “2010 Race to the Bottom”, both… [are] devoid of meaningful policy on any important issues.

After the lack of support Kevin Rudd received with his carbon-tax bill, is it any wonder? There seems to be a reluctance to tighten our belts and really commit, yet a drive from many to make a positive change.coral-reefs-and-climate-change-book-02

Many are confused by the conflicting messages regarding climate change, according to Queensland Brain Institute neurobiologist Professor Justin Marshall, a co-editor of Coral Reefs and Climate Change.

“There’s been a big swing back towards climate change denialists,” he says, “One of the main reasons appears to be that a lot of people understandably can’t follow the complex scientific arguments put forward. They do not know who to believe.”

“[The book] uses language and a set of conceptual diagrams that are understandable from the upper end of primary school on,” explains Prof. Marshall, “It provides grim predictions about the future, but also shows what actions people can take now to effect change.”

For more information about the book, authored by educator Craig Reid, Professor Justin Marshall, designer Diana Kleine, and environmental education officer Dave Logan, go to: