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‘Sharkwater Extinction’ will make its Australian Premiere as BBFF’s red carpet closing gala event this Sat Oct 20. This is the much anticipated sequel to Rob Stewart’s internationally lauded ‘Sharkwater’ documentary feature, and was finished posthumously by Rob’s parents after Rob tragically died during production in January last year. Rob’s mentor & OAA Director Dave Hannan will be at this gala event, as well as many ocean colleagues, to view the film & honour Rob’s work and legacy. Book your tickets quickly as selling out fast. See you there!
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The world’s watching, Wentworth!
Ocean Ark Alliance
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
The government *thinks* they know Wentworth. But, what do the voters reckon? We sent comedian Dan Ilic down to Bondi Beach to get the scoop... CHIP IN to send a message to the climate wreckers >>> Australians want a strong policy on climate act.gp/wwwants ✊ #wentworthvotes Authorised by D. Rowe Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Sydney.
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Farmed Salmon has been added to the "Say No" red list on our Sustainable Seafood Guide app. To learn why check out the rating here - bit.ly/FarmedSalmon

What to eat instead? There are many great examples of sustainable fish farming in Australia - oysters, mussels, prawns, barramundi, Murray cod and cobia are great green-list examples of sustainable aquaculture in our Sustainable Seafood Guide.

If you eat seafood, download the Sustainable Seafood Guide app in the iTunes Store or Google Play now!


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