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The Australian Government just released this advert about the new Carmichael Coal Mine and it's surprisingly honest and informative. #WaterIsLife #NoCCRAP #StandWithWanganJagalingou ** 6 WAYS YOU CAN HELP TO STOP CCRAP ** 1. Tell PM Malcolm Turnbull you don’t want your tax dollars to be used to subsidise CCRAP: https://www.getup.org.au/campaigns/great-barrier-reef--3/killing-the-reef-with-taxpayers-money/a-taxpayer-funded-reef-killing-project 2. Join GetUp!’s Fight for the Reef: https://fightforthereef.getup.org.au 3. Stand with the Wangan & Jagalingou by donating to their defense fund: http://wanganjagalingou.com.au/donate 4. Stand with the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council by Liking their Facebook page and keeping up to date with their campaign: https://www.facebook.com/WanganandJagalingou 5. Find out more about the Wangan & Jagalingou traditional owners: http://wanganjagalingou.com.au 6. Share this video. ☛ CREDITS: Written by Giordano. With help from Adso & Lucy. Performed by Matylda. Voice by Lucy. Thanks to Kajute, Miriam, Anthony, Adam, Benna, Damian, Dave and Dbot for helping out! Photos and Footage of Wangan & Jagalingou people used with permission from Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council. ☛ Please SUPPORT the Juice Media to help us make more videos! https://www.patreon.com/TheJuiceMedia ☛ TRANSLATIONS: Danish by Mathilde; Dutch by Jonas; French by Julie; Spanish by Vitama; German by FL-Bremen; Serbian by Tamara; Italian by Paola; Portuguese (BR) by Vitor Portuguese (EU) by Anonymous -Giordano <3
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Our Ocean, Our Future
The ocean ecosystems face tremendous pressure from human impact on the planet. The previous four years have been particularly devastating for coral reefs around…
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“The extraordinary memoir of marine biologist Charlie Veron, a maverick Australian who transformed our understanding of coral reefs … Exhilaratingly eye-opening, provocative, funny and warm, A Life Underwater is an inspiration to the young and the young at heart.”

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Julia Barnes:

" I was 16 years old, learning for the first time that the world's coral reefs, rainforests and fisheries are expected to disappear within my lifetime. Every species I loved, every ecosystem we depend on was in jeopardy. So I bought a couple of cameras and made a movie Sea of Life "


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