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Ocean Ark Alliance
Ocean Ark AllianceAugust 19, 2016 at 9:51am
David Hannan from OAA has just completed filming at Malpelo Island off the coast of Columbia in collaboration with Tara Pacific Expeditions and has committed OAA media and to future support to help Columbia manage and conserve Malpelo, one of the worlds most unique oceanic World Heritage Sites.
Ocean Ark Alliance
[TARA PACIFIC] Les géants de Malpelo / The giants of Malpelo
Reaching the marine sanctuary of Malpelo Island takes 20 hours of sailing from the coast of Colombia. The Tara team began collecting coral specimens in the G...
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Ocean Ark Alliance
Ocean Ark AllianceAugust 3, 2016 at 7:49pm
Onboard TARA: Coral survey near Panama
Ocean Ark Alliance
[Tara Pacific] Premiers prélèvements de corail au Panama / First coral sampling in Panama
Lors d’une courte escale à Panama City, les scientifiques spécialisés en récifs coralliens embarquent à bord : les premiers échantillonnages de l'expédition ...
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Ocean Ark Alliance
Ocean Ark AllianceAugust 3, 2016 at 7:48pm
TARA PACIFIC is underway.
Dave Hannan with OAA and BioQuest Studios has joined a 2-year expedition. Boarding his first leg in Panama... a new journey begins!
Ocean Ark Alliance
Tara Pacific 2016-2018 Expedition - Start May 28 Lorient FR
A 2-year expedition to study biodiversity of coral reefs facing climate change. Une expédition de deux ans et demi ...
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Ocean Ark Alliance

OAA’s mission is to nurture, inspire and create a deeper appreciation of some of the most wondrous, yet fragile, ecosystems on our planet. Our current focus is coral reefs, coastal communities & polar biomes.

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OAA offers its Development Partners access to and license-free use of an ever-growing media collection of globally significant marine digital stills, scientific data and video libraries, for a wide variety of selected non-profit uses in marine education, science and conservation projects.

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Ocean Ark Alliance (OAA) is a Not For Profit organisation based in Australia dedicated to supporting, sponsoring and promoting marine education and the conservation of oceanic environments. OAA is part of a global network of Development Partners that includes world-renowned marine scientists, researchers, undersea explorers, multi-award-winning film-makers and photographers, marine artists and media specialists, educators, conservation organisations and a diverse range of business organisations.

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Tara Pacific 2016-2018 Expedition is underway